1.    We will not waste your time

  •     If we do not have a candidate that is truly “on-target” for your needs, we will     submit no one.


2.  We will attempt to understand your open position as much as      possible (including many of the fine details).  

  •    This is the best way for us to determine if someone is a good match.
  •    This includes learning about your company and it’s sizzle
  •    Career path and upside benefits for the candidate


3.  If we snooze, we lose.   

  •   Today’s job market is once again very active and “the top candidates” are    being snatched up quickly.   
  •   The only thing we ask of hiring managers is “timely feedback on resumes   submitted” (preferably by the end of the business day).  
  •   By taking 45 seconds to glance at the resume, you can quickly tell us if you   wish to pass or discuss this applicant in more detail.  If needed, we   can schedule a later time for the discussion.


4.  If we send you three resumes and you are not interested in      speaking to any of them, then we are missing something and we      need to re-discuss the position requirements.


5.  There is nothing that we do that a hiring manager cannot do for       him or herself   

  •   Even though we have more “recruiting industry savvy” and access to many       more nationwide candidates and information, there is nothing that we do       that a hiring manager cannot do for him or herself.   
  •   The difference is the time it takes to do it  
  •   It takes countless hours to search out people, weed out the unqualified   and uncover the real candidates (We kiss many frogs before landing our   prince)      
  •   If you were to do it properly, you would never have time to complete your      own job duties. 


6.  The only positions we work on are clinical personnel                 (Mgmt & Non Mgmt)

  •    Clinical Data Managers
  •    Clinical Research Associates
  •    Clinical Trials Managers
  •    SAS/System Programmers
  •    Statisticians
  •    Clinical Data Project Mgrs

     Both full time perm and temp contractors/consultants


7.   There is no cost to you unless you hire my person.



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